Arizona Urns

Beautiful Handcrafted Wood Cremation Urns
How do I determine what size urn I need?

Follow these simple rules:

  • What was the approximate body weight of the person or pet you are purchasing the cremation urn for.

  • 1 pound of body weight = 1 cubic inch ash.

  • Cremation Urns are listed in cubic inches. Approx. Weight=Approx. Size.

  • Example: A cremated 100 pound person will yield approximately 100 cubic inches of ashes. So, if 1 pound=1 cubic inch then this person would need an urn that is about 100 cubic inches.

  • Small or medium urns can be used for children or pets.

  • Large urns are generally used for adults.

  • It's a good idea to order an urn a little larger than needed.

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